10 Barack Obama Memes Worthy of Your Vote

1. Obama “Not Bad” Face

A press photo of Barack and Michelle making “O RLY” faces quickly spread around the web and eventually transformed into the Obama “Not Bad” meme. The POTUS himself even acknowledged the meme during his Reddit AMA.

Image courtesy of Know Your Meme

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Voters decide in November if Barack Obama deserves four more years in the White House — but win or lose, Obama’s meme legacy will likely extend beyond 2016.

Whether he’s lobbing snowballs at unsuspecting cats (not really) or demonstrating the perfect Ken doll smile, the Commander-in-Chief has been the subject of many a clever meme-ifications.

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We combed through piles of GIFs and mounds of advice animals to find 10 of the most rib-tickling Obama-inspired memes. So prepare yourself for the upcoming election by taking a flip through the gallery.

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