Spectacular Curiosity Panorama Puts You on Mars

This is what it’s like to be the Curiosity rover right now, staring out at the Martian landscape.

Created by Hans Nyberg, the image above is the first color panorama from Curiosity.

Drag your cursor around the image to mimic the same head-turning motion as Curiosity. You will see a 360-degree view of the landing site that includes the highest part of Mount Sharp about 12 miles in the distance. You can even shift the camera down to look at Curiosity’s “feet.”

The panorama is a compilation of 140 photos taken by the rover’s 34-millimeter Mast Camera on Aug. 8 and 18. Nyberg stitched together all of the RAW images. Scientists enhanced the colors “to show the Martian scene as it…
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Source: Mashable!